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team yolo enjoying a heaping helping of dudebro gamer tears crying over their magnificent queerness

dorian likes his tears hot while iron bull enjoys his with a crazy straw

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Serves you fucking right you little bitch

Don’t be a dick, Thomas The Tank Engine.


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Austin Wintory is facing a $50k fine SIMPLY FOR HAVING MADE MUSIC FOR A VIDEO GAME. His union had created an absolutely STUPID contract that essentially keeps composers from making music for video games, and, well, I don’t fully understand EVERYTHING he said, but the point is the video will explain it, and that if people don’t know about this, then the future of video game music is grim.

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I’ve tried to be quiet about the continual FanSided/wicnet nonsense because it hasn’t really been my place to complain and, well, I fired off about this on Twitter already, also my sleep schedule is way off, but Fansided (who ru[i]n[ed] wicnet) are fucking liars and I have goddamn HAD IT.


peterquills replied to your post“I’m writing a dissertation on the aesthetics of video games and I’m…”
i… no.
What I can gather from the summary:

Red Robe #1: On no, the Guardians broke my scarf! And it’s so cold.
Red Robe #2: You know what would cheer you up?
Red Robe #1: What?
Red Robe #2: Fucking.

I’m writing a dissertation on the aesthetics of video games and I’m using Journey as a case study, so I’ve been doing a lot of Journey-related googling. 

I found Journey porn.
Journey porn is a thing. 


I saw actualsolas’s post about Anders and the tiger he doodled in the one book from Witch Hunt, and how that had a Calvin and Hobbes-esque vibe to it. I was amused! An attempt was made.

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motherhensdetective said:That crow must be related to the owl in Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. He’ll take you a couple of places, but not where you want to go.

And the Eagles in Tolkien. “We will take you to our Eyrie but we will NOT take you to the lonely mountain. We will drop Gandalf off at Rivendell, we will pick Frodo and Sam up from Mt. Doom but we will NOT take them there.”

In conclusion, giant birds in fantasy = contrary assholes.